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Would you like to know the secrets to become a successful (Content & Copy) - writer?

We will guide you to learn and acquire the skills required to be a Successful Writer.
➡The Free program will cover all the basics of (Content & Copy) – Writing.
➡You’ll get Hands-on experience by writing a Literature/Subject Review.
➡Our team will send you the references required to write the Coursework.

Note: Participants are required to write a 1250-1500 Words Literature/Subject Review on Content Writing and Copywriting to be Eligible for Working on a Paid Project*Conditions Apply.

Would you believe it if I say that some content writers and copywriters make more than “SIX-FIGURES” a year by providing their services to “High-ticket” Clients?


Are you wondering if it is even possible to earn so much by just writing?
Indeed Possible!

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⚠ There are a lot of people who try to become a Content Writer or Copywriter, but fail!

⚠ They fail because they lack the knowledge on how to become successful at Copywriting or Content Writing. You need to know what you are doing before you can achieve it. 

❇ Propel Digital will give you everything that you need to succeed and more! With our programs, training material and assistance, we help you become an expert in Content Writing and Copywriting.

❇ You’ll get Hands-on experience by writing a (1000-1500 words) Literature/Subject review on (Content & Copy) – Writing. We will select a few lucky subscribers based on their performance on the literature review to work on a Paid Content writing project – *Conditions Apply.

❇ We provide free resources, tips, and career guidance to kickstart your career as a Content Writer and Copywriter. Subscribe to get it now!


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